ADC Theatre

Main auditorium

Please be careful when printing these plans to avoid “shrink to fit” (or similar) that would render your drawings not-to-scale. Strenuous efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of these plans however if your show depends on something fitting to the nearest nanometre you are advised to visit the theatre with a tape-measure! Please contact me if you think there are any errors. The ADC has its own technical information page which also serves the following documents. Each document includes stage plan, stage & wings plan, section, front elevation, lx plan and a plan showing how the theatre’s dance floor works. The A1 drawings are at 1:25 scale and the A3 drawings at 1:50 scale.

I maintain the plans in WYSIWYG. A DWG export is available which has also been imported (via DWG-2010 format) into Sketchup 2013. Note 1 unit is 1 metre in these exports.

Larkum Studio

About the main auditorium plan

If you’re interested to see how the theatre has changed over the years the following shows the theatre pre-redevelopment (2001), mid-redevelopment (2005) and prior to the bridge installation (2018).

The current plans show a publication data of 11th March 2023 – this adds some layers that were turned off in the 22nd August 2020 which in turn corrected the URL for this website. There have been no other changes since the 2018 redeveloped drawings were published 8th April 2019.

2018 re-development

Surveyed and drew the new auditorium ceiling, lighting bridges and FOH lighting bars (including rebuild ladders). Added elevation to the plans to show how the lx bars interact with the new ceiling. Re-drew the new (larger) DSM desk and re-drew the pit and pit-boards (just tidyup). PDF shows publication data 7th April 2019.

2013 re-surveying

Around 2013 was the first time the plan was produced from the WYSIWYG CAD model and that lead to a number of items being re-surveyed in detail (the CAD model is three-dimensional) including the (renumbered) counterweight and hemp pulley positions, dips and ring beam. Juliette bars, perch booms, radiators and tormentor arcs shown. New stage trap sections surveyed and drawn. Added a plan showing the dance floor layout. The PDF is now in colour!

2009 re-development

Updates in 2009 capture the new get-in door, new auditorium rake and centres of seats A1 and A14. The auditorium capacity increases to 228 seats. The new PS wing is surveyed and drawn. The old external fire escape is gone and the region outside the auditorium doors is drawn. Added the stage-and-wings plan to allow stage managers to plan set storage. New counterweights C7 and C17 added.

2007 updated

Added new counterweight sets C5 and C12 and updated the theatre’s fax number!

2005 re-development

Survey and draw new auditorium entrance and fire escape. Winch B replaces hemp B. Addition of a dip trap stage right and removal of the air ducts from the scene dock to stage.

2001 update

The stage plan had for years been based upon a 1994 survey by messrs GJ Irvine, FW Heine and TA Hilton captured in a film drawing that was die-line copied by the management at a printing company. My 2001 version began by digitising the film drawing and making minor updates for the new counterweights C9 and C15. Re-surveyed and re-drew the forestage which had been incorrectly shown since it was replaced in 1996. Cleaned up the legend, notes, history and scale. Prior to that here is the history 1961-1994 as found on the 1994 drawing:

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