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Press quotes

“enhanced by emotive lighting design by Eddy Langley and Rob Loxley” – Festival Players Evita, Cambridge Tab, 2019

“The lighting design (Eddy Langley and Rob Loxley) was of a very high standard” – Festival Players Evita, NODA Review, 2019

“Lighting was good” – CTC Sweet Charity, NODA Review, 2018

“superb lighting” – Cambridge Theatre Company Priscilla Queen of the Desert, NODA Review, 2017

“augmented by clever lighting gobos” – Festival Players Legally Blonde, NODA Review, 2016

“excellent lighting effects creating in particular a beautiful red sunset and an amazing moon as well as silhouettes of trees providing a good backdrop for the action” – Festival Players The Secret Garden, Local Secrets, 2015

“lighting design impressive, particularly in the sewer” – Pied Pipers Guys and Dolls, NODA Review, 2014

“lighting and technical cues extremely sharp” – Festival Players Avenue Q, Cambridge Theatre Review, 2014

“enhanced by minimal yet effective lighting” – CUDS Enigma, Cambridge Tab, 2013

“lighting designers EDDY LANGLEY and ROB LOXLEY deserve a curtain call all their own for their design” – Festival Players Hot Mikado, 2012

“The lighting was impeccable” – CUCDW Inspired, Varsity, 2011

“The lighting was well balanced” – CUCDW Inspired, Cambridge Tab, 2011

“Light design was impeccable throughout the performance, and always complemented the choreography, helping to set the mood: at times uncanny, sometimes playful, and often romantic” – CUCDW Signatures, Varsity, 2010

“Good work tech team, the innovative and encapsulating lighting design enhanced the show” – CUCDW Beauty, Varsity, 2009

“intelligent rendering of chaos theory – the illusion of sporadic interaction aided strongly by superb lighting.” – CUCDW Elemental, Varsity, 2007

“The lighting here, as throughout, was admirable” – Over The Edge, The Cambridge Student, January 2004

“To make a production of this technical complexity look easy takes hard and gifted work…” – Cambridge Footlights’ Non-Sexual Kissing, Fringe Report, August 2003

“Accompanied by technical director Eddy Langley’s sustained visual excellence…” (Varsity), “flashing police light” (TCS!) – On The Edge, January 2003

“Technics – technical director Eddy Langley – are spot on” – Cambridge Footlights’ Today of All Days, The Stage, August 2002

“Highlights include… beautiful silhouettes created throughout the show.” – Kings Contemporary Dance Show, Varsity, 2002

“The show went without a technical hitch. Eddy Langley’s lighting design was characteristically brilliant and effective.” – Kang Zinj 2001, Varsity, March 2001

“The scenery is complex” explained the show’s technical director. – Varsity on Lucky Stiff

“Eddy, however, as he goes into the details of safety for ‘flying’ actors, exudes an air of concern and responsibility that is a pleasure to see” – More lucky stiff

“Colour influenced the mood of the performance, where skilful lighting highlighted the contrasts between automatism and hopeful regeneration.” – Fused – Varsity, February 2000

“odd but really brilliant with its white costumes and cool UV lighting” – Jinz-Xang, Varsity, March 1999

“Men In Black: Eddy Langley sees the world through protective goggles” – Techie article, Varsity, November 1998

“Expert lighting … brilliantly supporting the works throughout.” – Tang Xing, Varsity, February 1998

“Visually impressive, the lighting and costume complement every facial expression and conceptual scene.” – Tang Xnam, Varsity, February 1997


Eddy is a lighting designer who loves dance. Recent dance productions include Synergy, Flare and Elevate for CUTAZZ, and recent musical productions include Evita for Festival Players and Sweet Charity and Priscilla Queen of the Desert for Cambridge Theatre Company. Further afield his work has taken him to the Edinburgh festival, to London and touring in Europe and America.

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