Press quotes about the shows I've worked on

"superb lighting" - Cambridge Theatre Company Priscilla Queen of the Desert, 2017

"augmented by clever lighting gobos" - Festival Players Legally Blonde, 2016

"excellent lighting effects creating in particular a beautiful red sunset and an amazing moon as well as silhouettes of trees providing a good backdrop for the action" - Festival Players The Secret Garden, 2015

"lighting design impressive, particularly in the sewer" - Pied Pipers Guys and Dolls, 2014

"lighting and technical cues extremely sharp" - Festival Players Avenue Q, 2014

"enhanced by minimal yet effective lighting" - CUDS Enigma, 2013

"lighting designers EDDY LANGLEY and ROB LOXLEY deserve a curtain call all their own for their design" - Festival Players Hot Mikado, 2012

"The lighting was impeccable" - CUCDW Inspired, Varsity, 2011

"The lighting was well balanced" - CUCDW Inspired, Cambridge Tab, 2011

"Light design was impeccable throughout the performance, and always complemented the choreography, helping to set the mood: at times uncanny, sometimes playful, and often romantic" - CUCDW Signatures, Varsity, 2010

"Good work tech team, the innovative and encapsulating lighting design enhanced the show" - CUCDW Beauty, Varsity, 2009

"intelligent rendering of chaos theory - the illusion of sporadic interaction aided strongly by superb lighting." - CUCDW Elemental, Varsity, 2007

"The lighting here, as throughout, was admirable" - Over The Edge, The Cambridge Student, January 2004

"To make a production of this technical complexity look easy takes hard and gifted work..." - Cambridge Footlights' Non-Sexual Kissing, Fringe Report, August 2003

"Accompanied by technical director Eddy Langley's sustained visual excellence..." (Varsity), "flashing police light" (TCS!) - On The Edge, January 2003

"Technics - technical director Eddy Langley - are spot on" - Cambridge Footlights' Today of All Days, The Stage, August 2002

"Highlights include... beautiful silhouettes created throughout the show." - Kings Contemporary Dance Show, Varsity, 2002

"The show went without a technical hitch. Eddy Langley's lighting design was characteristically brilliant and effective." - Kang Zinj 2001, Varsity, March 2001

"The scenery is complex" explained the show's technical director. - Varsity on Lucky Stiff

"Eddy, however, as he goes into the details of safety for 'flying' actors, exudes an air of concern and responsibility that is a pleasure to see" - More lucky stiff

"Colour influenced the mood of the performance, where skilful lighting highlighted the contrasts between automatism and hopeful regeneration." - Fused - Varsity, February 2000

"odd but really brilliant with its white costumes and cool UV lighting" - Jinz-Xang, Varsity, March 1999

"Men In Black: Eddy Langley sees the world through protective goggles" - Techie article, Varsity, November 1998

"Expert lighting ... brilliantly supporting the works throughout." - Tang Xing, Varsity, February 1998

"Visually impressive, the lighting and costume complement every facial expression and conceptual scene." - Tang Xnam, Varsity, February 1997

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